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Today is this page's 100th post! There's projected to be over 400 posts by the end of the year. This important day for @birth_of_genius goes to Wernher von Braun! Braun was a German rocket scientist that led the invention of the V-2 rocket, the first long range missile. Braun himself was reported to have deep regret of the V-2 victims and he is recorded to speak against Hitler: "to us, Hitler was still only a pompous fool with a Charlie Chaplin moustache" and referring to him as "another Napoleon." When WW2 ended Braun, along with 1.5 other German engineers and technicians, were ceased by the United States. This was called Operation Paperclip. Braun began his work in the US at NASA becoming one of the most important aerospace engineers in history. He was part of the team that sent Explorer 1, the first US satellite, and was chief engineer of the Saturn V rocket. Note the Saturn V is the rocket in the picture responsible for all the Apollo missions including the Moon landings. His deepest aspirations were for landing on Mars although, between the Explorer and Apollo missions he wrote a plethora of books about Mars and Moon expeditions, it's a shame he can't be with us when we land on Mars. (3/23/18) #awesome #smart #genius #science #science rules #ilovescience #2017 #2k17 #march #bday #birthday #happybday #happybirthday #geek #geeky #nerd #nerdy #space #astronomy #cosmology #coldwar #space race #saturn #saturn v #apollo #nasa #history #moon #mars

3/23/2017 9:18:13 PM 0
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Repost of the birthday girl @insta_bridget_renee my little blonde bombshell!!! Wearing her "glitz" choker #happybday

3/23/2017 9:14:38 PM 0

FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO AMIGA Ela nasceu sobre o olhar das estrelas, Foi referendada pela lua  Cresceu sobre a Luz do sol  Desenvolveu-se sobre a Magnitude dos astros. Ela fez da sua vida magia Encontrou o amor onde só havia dor  Transformou sua saudade em felicidade Ela poderia ser uma triste canção  Mas sua emoção e paixão fizeram Com que as notas musicais de sua vida fossem leves e felizes. E em falar em leveza, ela fez com que sua tristeza se transformasse em sua  maior riqueza. Ainda que às vezes sua alegria seja triste, Ela em sua infinita ternura encontra motivos  nas pequenas coisas, nos pequenos atos, nos pequenos gestos, para ser feliz. Por isso, feliz do dia em que você nasceu Feliz daquele que tem a oportunidade de te conhecer Feliz daquele que tem o seu amor Feliz daquele que pode estar com você hoje Feliz aniversário gatona Deus te abençoe sempre abundantemente #happybday #felicidades

3/23/2017 9:13:20 PM 0

15 часов в сутки 6 дней в неделю, не с каждым человеком я могу проводить столько времени рядом, но мне приходится Шучу, скоро будет 2 года, как я знакома с Алмагульчиком, очень доброй, милой, мудрой девушкой, которая станет настоящим подарком судьбы и другом для самого, надеюсь, достойного избранника ❤️ С днём рождения @almagulbm Будь самой счастливой и любимой, продолжай творить и вдохновляться, радоваться жизни и улыбаться #happybday #24march #tonightisgonnabeagoodnight

3/23/2017 9:08:32 PM 4

Today is such a special day my baby, my princess, my best accomplishment so far turns 5. She so wise beyond her years always there when ever I'm going through anything. So vicious yet so compassionate. She truly is a inspiration and continues to motivate me. I love her so much. #happybday #daddysgirl tonight her fav restaurant the Mexican spot that sell noodlesaka the Chinese restaurant

3/23/2017 9:08:34 PM 0

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